image of raised hands cupped around sunlightWelcome
Today it is harder and harder to make the right choices when searching for ways to improve our health and well-being. We suffer from high stress lifestyles, a lack of balanced nutrition or a combination of both. This can mean a never ending round of fad diets, a struggle to maintain good health and energy levels.

Our approach is different we strive to help you make lifestyle changes that will become permanent. By offering individual support and guiding you  to eat and drink in a balanced way you also learn the impact of the foods you choose and are able tomake the choices that are most beneficial. We also provide a comprehensive range of massage therapies and Reiki to suit every need giving effective treatment for physical or emotional issues.

There are no short cuts or magic pills or supplements that can make these changes, however, through a deeper understanding of how the body works and is effected by our lifestyle we can work together to break the habits of a lifetime that hinder health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for a kickstart to change try our 6 day ‘Detox plan’ which includes MLD Massage treatments.  Or wish to work one to one for your personal nutrition needs with Colleen.  If you are looking for an effective means of managing stress, physical or emotional trauma Tony offers you dedicated, qualified, sensitive and personal attention tailored to you.  Contact Us