Detox & MLD

I had amazing results, i met with Colleen and had a really lovely informative chat, we spoke about the detox plan in depth, I had many questions that were answered to my satisfaction, Colleen gave me my shopping list and off i went. The first day was really easy lots of excitement, the second say i realised i wanted food with out actulally being hungry…. umm food for thought! i said to myself i have dedicated this 6 days so i will see it though, each day i could have something new so i would take comfort at those times to focus on the poached egg for breakfast the next morning and so on, i had so much more energy daily and i had less ankle and wrist swelling, i must admit these were all great achivements for me but my biggest achivement was that i started the detox at 101.4kg and at he end i was i am amazed that i could actully loss this amount of weight by eating, not only was the MLD beneficial it was relaxing thank you both Colleen & Tony