6 Day Detox Plan


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6 Day Body Detox Plan including Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The whole body benefits from a healthy diet, however, most of us use alcohol, caffeine, salt and processed foods in our daily lives. This means we build up high levels of toxins and free radicals, which are responsible for aging and tissue damage. The body’s internal organs and systems are not able to cleanse effectively because of the constant
replenishment. Through utilizing specifically chosen foods it is possible to effectively cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body. Such a detoxifying diet will help to clean the blood, particularly in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. As the body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin the real value of including MLD massage in the programme comes to the fore.
The Lymphatic system collects and cleans up the fluid left behind by the blood’s normal circulatory flow and plays a vital role in the immune system producing lymphocytes which attack and kill foreign bodies. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, fluid builds up this can cause the entire system to overload with toxins, making us feel sluggish and at the same time more susceptible to illness. By stimulating this system through a very light pumping and massage action it helps it to work more efficiently. This clears any blockages, helps to eliminate toxins that have built up, transports nutrients to cells, increases the metabolism and consequently is a huge boost to the immune system.
To begin a successful body detox it is important to start with a cleansing period where as many toxins as possible are eliminated from your diet. This initial period should last for no longer than 2 days. On the 3rd and 4th day, whilst continuing the recommended healthy eating plan, you will begin to introduce other healthy foods and receive your MLD Massages. During the final two days additional foods are included that complete the detox cycle. It is highly recommended that you do not overload your system with any eliminated foods when the 6 days are over. With this plan there is no calorie counting as the foods have been selected for the cleansing, regenerative and anticarcinogenic properties contained in their specific vitamin and mineral content. The foods are classified as low GI which means the energy they provide can be easily stored and slowly released into the body and help maintain optimum blood sugar levels (for more information visit the following web site http://www.glycemicindex.com).  We sincerely hope that after following this programme you may decide to permanently change some of your eating habits and consider the benefits of continued lifestyle changes to improve health and vitality.
For full information on the food plan, recipes, support provided during the 6 days, how to arrange the MLD’s and cost, please contact us via the form on our contact page

breakfast1-2N.B.  This programme is not designed for weight loss but can be used as a springboard to healthier eating and making changes that will benefit long term health which might include losing weight for some individuals.

We strongly recommend you consult with your GP before embarking on any detox programme.