Therapies enjoyed

Whether you are looking for relaxation, rejuvenating massage or to try something new, Tony is the way to go! The lymphatic drainage will make you feel as fresh as after a long shower and a Reiki treatment will be a discovery you?ll never forget. I will always be grateful because Tony?s deep intention to heal truly guided me towards a balanced life? But beware: It?s addictive!


Massage therapist


I met Tony as a result of a decision I made to enhance my own lifeskills and Professional development. Tony has a great empathy with people, something that gives him the tremendous ability to teach. I received a Reiki treatment from Tony, not knowing what to expect. I can only say that I experienced peace and relaxation, and a calmness which I seek to attain in my daily life. I would recommend Tonys’ skills to anyone, and everyone.

Richard Lewis

PGA Golf Professional


I have the pleasure to be one of Tony’s students at the London school of Massage. Tony is a very good teacher, he is thourough lecturer and takes much pride in his work. he is excellent in explaining the subjects. I also had a reiki session with Tony. It was a fantastic experience, i never had reiki before, so i didnt know what to expect. But i can recommend it to any person, who needs some time or methods to help and deal with the daily stresses of life. I can recommend Tony to anyone as a very qualified, experienced and excellent therapist and teacher.

C Peeters


Firstly, thank you Tony for a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and inspirational first week at L.S.M – During my week as a student of Tony’s i was lucky enough to be given a Reiki treatment – wow, what a wonderful, positive experience!! I came away feeling light, rejuvenated and full of energy! I definitely think everyone should experience the wonder of Reiki – roll on my next treatment!!



Reiki & Massage

I really enjoyed and appreciated the very relaxing Reiki and massage sessions I did with Tony. Tony takes great interest in his clients and devotes a lot of time to finding the specific treatment most suited to their needs. Thanks to my positive experience, I will continue to try Reiki elsewhere, now that I have left Turin.



Detox, Reiki, Nutrition

I’m so lucky to have met Colleen and Tony. I had been trying to lose weight on my own for a long time but just couldn’t seem to make any progress. They have provided me the right information, help and, above all, support, that I need. I’m extremely grateful to them after having felt frustrated and at a dead end for quite a long time. The detox program was easy to fit into my busy schedule and I took away some good, easy recipes that I can use on a regular basis. Their advice comes from a “real world” standpoint, not from some puritanically insane place, which is something I appreciate. As someone who tends to be hard on herself, it’s nice to know that I can still make progress towards my goals without feeling like I’ve been sent to a boot camp. Thank you!


Satisfied detox, nutritional counseling and Reiki customer


“Colleen è una persona squisita che sa ascoltare e guidare le persone affinchè possano ottenere nei tempi prestabiliti un risultato concreto. Grazie Colleen!”

Giuliano Bertucci

Sales Planning & Distribution for Middle East & Africa & East Eu


I am student of Tony’s and apart from the excellent tuition, Tony also offered me a Reiki session. Tony’s energy flow is very strong. The force is most certainly with him!! I felt so light on my feet for days after the treatment. I really enjoyed it. But, the things that really stay with me are Tony’s strive for excellence, his professionalism and his client care. I trust him implicitly! Thank you Tony.

Janis Vagliani

Massage Therapist

Detox & MLD

I was very happy and fully satisfied with my results after following Colleen’s Six Day Body Detox Programme which includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage. From the attention to detail in explaining and outlining the plan at the outset, to the carefully prepared menus and post-detox consultation, I felt well taken care of and completely confident in Colleen’s professional abilities. She inspired me over the course of the programme, and made me realise how important it is to incorporate a range of healthy foods into our daily diets with the effect that I have made positive changes and will continue to consult Colleen over healthy eating and lifestyle issues.


Freelance Journalist at ArticoloTre


I am a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner. I am studying aromatherapy and Tony is my tutor (by the way i think he is a very good teacher!!). He offered his students a Reiki session and I accepted it (always nice to receive as well as giving). It was a wonderful experience. I felt immediately into a deep relaxation and i traveled throughout the treatment into really happy places. Tony’s energy is relaxing and comforting. The relaxation last long after the treatment. It was a really treat :-)! Thank you.


Tony’s student