I was recently introduced to Reiki by Tony as part of my research into an article I was writing about him and Colleen for ArticoloTre. This was the first time I had received any form of holistic therapy treatment and I can wholeheartedly say that the sense of relaxation and well-being post-treatment makes it truly worth finding the time to make Reiki part of anyone’s lifestyle. A brilliant way to combat the stresses of modern life! As I mention in the article, I had also been suffering from some back discomfort after a car accident. Since the Reiki treatment that discomfort has completely cleared up.


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Colleen enjoys sharing her passion about food to change peoples lives for the better. She works with clients to develop a tailor-made program for their particular health needs. Colleen is competent working in all areas of Nutritional Therapy, and as Nutrition Coach believes in working with her clients rather than instructing them. She is dedicated to empowering her clients, helping them to achieve their health and weight loss goals. Colleen strongly believes that the food we eat has a huge impact on how we feel, and is important in the prevention of illness and the maintenance of good health. She can assist you in making informed food selections so you will be empowered to take control of your health and wellbeing.


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Detox & MLD

Grazie Tony, per avermi seguito in questa dieta di disintossicazione, oltre ad aver perso 2 chili ho una bella sensazione di leggerezza. La parte più bella che rifarei immediatamente sono i due massaggi di linfodrenaggio! (english) Thank you Tony, for following me during the detox diet, I lost 2 kilos and feel a nice feeling of lightness. The best part, that I would repeat immediately, were the two lymph drainage massages


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THANK YOU Tony, for your Reiki treatment, after two days I still feel the benefit, I’m less tired, less stressed, and I see things more clearly. It has been a very nice experience in Reiki world!


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Tony’s reiki session was truly relaxing, helping calm my busy pregnant lady brain. Tony is a profession and knowledgeable practionner in both massage and aromatherapy. He has a great way of putting people at ease, creating a relaxing environment and getting you to completely unwind. Thanks Tony!



Colleen was always very encouraging and finding new ways to motivate a group of people to stay focused on their weight targets. She was always well prepared and clear . She was a strong support.


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Detox Client

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to both Tony & Colleen. I have really enjoyed the food and have seen/felt the positive effects of the healthy food & lymph drainage.



Detox Client

I always thought I ate healthily but this plan has helped me learn more about healthy eating. So simple to follow, foods easily available and so very, very tasty. Felt energised and cleansed by the healthy food and the lymph drainage massages. Thank you for a fad free option.