superfoods in bowls

Good Nutrition is Important because………
Our overall mental and physical well being is affected by our diet.  The efficiency and effectiveness of our body systems and the cells of the body require nutrition to develop and grow and will be adversely affected through taking into the body compounds and chemicals that it does not require or are damaging to those systems.

You are what you eat, literally, your health and vitality are directly determined by the food and drink you absorb into your body on a daily basis. We do not do fad diets we follow the dictionary definition of the word (DIET – the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats). What we currently eat is our diet be it good or bad, all we have to do is make it healthier and we are more than half way there. Learning how the body systems function and the key role nutrition plays in maintaining that function at a healthy level are fundamental to our philosophy. If you understand the impact of bad nutrition on the body changes are easier to undertake. Understanding the often misleading food labels is a vital part of being independent and confident in your choices. As is having access to correct information, guidance and personal unbiased support to help in managing these lifestyle changes.

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats each play a specific role in our bodies. The key to good health lies in maintaining a balance. No food group is an enemy as long as you make the best choices available to you.  It is the choice, quality and quantity of each of these basic food groups that determine how we feel and look. For example: What fats should we eat and which should be avoided? How much fat per day? We do not need a large amount of fat and should avoid large quantities of saturated (animal) fats. Increasing our intake of oils from nuts and seeds which are high in essential fatty acids should be our aim. Good balanced eating will provide all the essential vitamins, and minerals we need.  Today there is more information available about the benefits of every food group than we’ve ever had before, which is why we also have a bigger responsibility to make responsible food choices. Much of this information at first glance is conflicting, biased and confusing which is why it is a comfort to turn to an unbiased and informed source to help you understand what course of action is best for you.

To take care of our health, we must seek to achieve and maintain a strong, flexible and vital physique. It cannot be over-emphasized the positive benefits that good nutrition and regular exercise have upon our emotional and physical well being. Adults are also responsible for teaching children healthy eating habits because when you learn something from a young age it simply becomes a way of life. For those who wish to change bad habits developed over years it is never to late to change.