Ho avuto il piacere di ricevere alcuni dei suoi trattamenti ed essere sua allieva nella tecnica del Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
Tony ama il suo lavoro e trasmette molto chiaramente questa passione.
Eccellente insegnante, sempre gentile e molto paziente, grazie a lui ho finalmente imparato ad eseguire correttamente la tecnica del Linfodrenaggio Manuale.
Il suo modo di spiegare la teoria è semplice e preciso e con lui si apprende in maniera rilassata senza mai perdere interesse, o peggio, sentirsi in soggezione.
Ogni scuola di massaggio dovrebbe avere almeno un Tony Sharkey!

Daniela, Genova


6 Day Detox Plan and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

6 Day Detox Plan and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I would like to thank Colleen and Tony for their support, care and attention throughout my 6 Day Detox Plan and Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment I received. The detox plan Colleen put together for me was easy to follow with great recipes. I felt I was well looked after by both, with the support of Colleen throughout my detox and Tony’s encouragement also with the detox and the Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment I was given by him. I didn’t know what to expect as I never had this treatment but everything was explained thoroughly by Tony. During the treatment I felt comfortable and well looked after. It was a great boost and feel so much better after having done the 6 Day Detox Plan and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I don’t feel as sluggish and tired or bloated as I did before the treatment. I can also see the great result and also many people have commented on that I look like I have lost weight and look well. I would definitely recommend to have the detox & treatment by Colleen and Tony. Thanks again to you both!


Coach & Mentor

Having met Tony when I undertook the Manual Lymphatic Drainage diploma, he was very patient and meticulous in his is explanation as well as during the practical. I happen to be 37weeks pregnant at the time. Since having my child Tony has been a fantastic coach and mentor post baby to get myself back on track. Having received and given treatments with a workshop taken place working around new mum duties his tireless energy and enthusiasm is astounding. I always look forward to tutorials and increasing my knowledge with Tony as he has also introduced Reiki. The tutorials help my confidence as a practioner that I am able to offer my clients the best up to date treatment. My partner and I have also used Colleens’ and Tonys’ detox twice this year we have had great results not just in weight loss and energy boost we have used it as an aid to help us stay and develop our healthy way of life. As you can tell I cannot speak more highly of both Tony and Colleens talents. Thank you!


Bodywork therapist

Detox & MLD

I had amazing results, i met with Colleen and had a really lovely informative chat, we spoke about the detox plan in depth, I had many questions that were answered to my satisfaction, Colleen gave me my shopping list and off i went. The first day was really easy lots of excitement, the second say i realised i wanted food with out actulally being hungry…. umm food for thought! i said to myself i have dedicated this 6 days so i will see it though, each day i could have something new so i would take comfort at those times to focus on the poached egg for breakfast the next morning and so on, i had so much more energy daily and i had less ankle and wrist swelling, i must admit these were all great achivements for me but my biggest achivement was that i started the detox at 101.4kg and at he end i was 96.kg i am amazed that i could actully loss this amount of weight by eating, not only was the MLD beneficial it was relaxing thank you both Colleen & Tony



I was lucky enough to be taught by Tony for both the first week of my ITEC Level 3 Massage course and my FHT Manual Lymph Drainage course at The London School of Massage. Over this time I have received two Reiki treatments, both times I was struck by Tony’s perception and genuine interest in my wellbeing. The treatments were both deeply relaxing and I felt as though my energy was being brought back into balance. As part of a tutorial I recently did with Tony, I also received a Manual Lymph Drainage Massage. The treatment was incredibly relaxing and gentle and I could literally feel my body ridding itself of all the toxins. Wonderful treatment. Definitely worth a try. I can’t recommend his treatments or his classes highly enough.

Nicola Kenworthy

Very appreciative student

Therapies enjoyed

Whether you are looking for relaxation, rejuvenating massage or to try something new, Tony is the way to go! The lymphatic drainage will make you feel as fresh as after a long shower and a Reiki treatment will be a discovery you?ll never forget. I will always be grateful because Tony?s deep intention to heal truly guided me towards a balanced life? But beware: It?s addictive!


Massage therapist

Detox & MLD

I was very happy and fully satisfied with my results after following Colleen’s Six Day Body Detox Programme which includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage. From the attention to detail in explaining and outlining the plan at the outset, to the carefully prepared menus and post-detox consultation, I felt well taken care of and completely confident in Colleen’s professional abilities. She inspired me over the course of the programme, and made me realise how important it is to incorporate a range of healthy foods into our daily diets with the effect that I have made positive changes and will continue to consult Colleen over healthy eating and lifestyle issues.


Freelance Journalist at ArticoloTre

Detox & MLD

Grazie Tony, per avermi seguito in questa dieta di disintossicazione, oltre ad aver perso 2 chili ho una bella sensazione di leggerezza. La parte più bella che rifarei immediatamente sono i due massaggi di linfodrenaggio! (english) Thank you Tony, for following me during the detox diet, I lost 2 kilos and feel a nice feeling of lightness. The best part, that I would repeat immediately, were the two lymph drainage massages


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