I am student of Tony’s and apart from the excellent tuition, Tony also offered me a Reiki session. Tony’s energy flow is very strong. The force is most certainly with him!! I felt so light on my feet for days after the treatment. I really enjoyed it. But, the things that really stay with me are Tony’s strive for excellence, his professionalism and his client care. I trust him implicitly! Thank you Tony.

Janis Vagliani

Massage Therapist


I am a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner. I am studying aromatherapy and Tony is my tutor (by the way i think he is a very good teacher!!). He offered his students a Reiki session and I accepted it (always nice to receive as well as giving). It was a wonderful experience. I felt immediately into a deep relaxation and i traveled throughout the treatment into really happy places. Tony’s energy is relaxing and comforting. The relaxation last long after the treatment. It was a really treat :-)! Thank you.


Tony’s student